Cities You Don’t Want to Miss Hiring Remote Workers From

Cities You Don’t Want to Miss Hiring Remote Workers From

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Cities You Don’t Want to Miss Hiring Remote Workers From

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    Remote working has become quite popular because of its convenience. It offers a lot of flexibility to workers. As a result, the productivity of employees automatically increases. Moreover, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has made even employers respect remote working. This article mentions the ten best US cities for remote workers and some of the worst cities for remote workers.  The universality of remote working makes it suitable for every industry. 

    However, some cities are more favorable than others for remote workers. Remote workers often prefer family-friendly and cost-effective locations. Moreover, accessibility to restaurants and other locations in the city may be another primary reason impacting the location preference of remote workers. 

    Some significant reasons for a city favorable for remote workers have been discussed below. Dig deeper without further delay and know what conditions make a place more favorable for remote workers. 

    Best Cities for Remote Work – 6 Factors for Remote Workers To Consider

    1. Remote Job Availability

    One of the primary reasons in favor of the best cities for remote workers is undoubtedly the availability of remote jobs. After the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, remote jobs were available across the nation. But state laws, business needs, and tax requirements affect the availability of remote jobs in different cities. Any remote worker will look forward to settling in a town that offers a variety of options in terms of remote working.  

    2. High-Speed Internet Coverage

    Do you know what’s one of the essential prerequisites for remote working? It’s high-speed internet coverage for obvious reasons. Therefore, good internet connectivity is one of the most critical factors that make a city favorable for remote working.  Internet coverage, infrastructure, and competition vary across different American cities. 

    The pricing of internet connection should also be taken into consideration. In some states, an internet connection is expensive. However, if the speed is not good, spending so much money on it is not worthwhile. Washington, DC, has pretty good internet coverage out of all the American states. 

    3. Taxes

    Remote workers often calculate taxes while listing the best cities for remote workers. This is a vital factor, especially for self-employed people who have to pay their taxes. Apart from paying income taxes, remote workers also need to consider property and sales taxes. The lower the tax burden of a state, the more preferable it becomes for remote workers. New York has the highest tax burden among all the American states. On the other hand, the tax burden in states like Alaska, Tennessee, and Delaware is relatively low.  

    4. Accommodation

    Are you planning to shift to a particular state to get better remote working opportunities? If yes, consider knowing about your accommodation options in the space. While finding an empty apartment might not be challenging, finding one you can afford might be difficult. Before you decide to shift, think about the rent you must pay. Fort Wayne and Buffalo are two of the cheapest cities for paying rent. 

    5. Cost of Living

    Apart from paying rent, you will have a lot of other expenses. So, what are some typical other expenses you will have to cover? Buying groceries and other utilities will be one of your major expenses. Transportation costs also need to be considered. 

    Even though you might not have to travel for work, you will have to go to other places. Healthcare and other miscellaneous expenses also need to be considered while choosing the most favorable US city for remote working. 

    6. Best for Business

    Always try to settle in a good state for a business to thrive. The cities within the state will have better opportunities to recruit motivated and innovative workers. A few factors that provide favorable business opportunities include the cost of doing business, the local economy, access to capital, and availability of skilled labor and infrastructure. 

    List of Top 10 Best Cities For Hiring Remote Workers That Every US Companies Should Know


    Have you heard anyone talk about Syracuse and add a weather joke? Yes, snow is an integral part of this central New York City. But the affordability of lifestyle in this city is quite surprising. Young professionals move to this city because of the low costs and the plenty of activities they can do here. If you can bear a little snow, consider this one of the best US cities for remote workers.  Available remote working opportunities:

    • Telecommute Marketing Project Manager
    • Remote Telephonic Nurse Care Manager
    • Virtual Healthcare Customer Service Representative
    • Telecommute DevOps Engineer
    • Remote Engagement Manager


    South Bend boasts of noticeably low costs of living and other amenities. Young professionals are gradually moving to the city because of the affordable housing costs. New apartments and condos are coming up in this city. 

    Quite naturally, remote workers choose this city and South Bend is undeniably one of the best cities for job opportunities and quality of life. As an employer, it would be beneficial for you to set up a business here, as you would be in a profitable spot when it comes to getting human resources.  Available remote working opportunities:

    • Remote Strategy and Innovation Manager
    • Telecommute Software Development Test Engineer
    • Remote Advertising Technology Director
    • Remote Travel and Finance Quality Assistant
    • Telecommute Inbound Contact Representative


    The unexpectedly low cost of living in Fort Wayne makes it preferable for remote workers. On the flip side, employers would have the opportunity to get decent resources at a lower package than what they had to pay initially. That would be a win-win situation for them.  Available remote working opportunities:

    • Remote RN Case Manager
    • Remote Financial Controller
    • Remote Enterprise Software Developer
    • Telecommute Inpatient Coding Specialist


    The increasing number of businesses in the city makes it preferable for remote workers. The advanced medical industry in the city also creates room for job opportunities in the health sector. The affordable cost of living is mainly due to low rents. Besides, the city has a certain warmth associated with it.   Available remote working opportunities:

    • Remote Behavioral Health Advocate
    • Remote Banking Senior Service Officer
    • Remote School Speech Language Pathologist
    • Remote Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
    • Telecommute Customer Service Representative


    Peoria offers endless opportunities when it comes to low-cost living. An entrepreneur who is planning to set up his business here would gain a lot in terms of monetary returns. Moreover, resources for the following job roles are readily available. 

    • Remote Principal Software Engineer
    • Remote Operations Process Manager
    • Remote Motherhood Customer Experience Specialist
    • Remote Healthcare IT Project Manager
    • Remote OnCall Registered Nurse RN


    The cost of living in this city makes it one of the best US cities for remote workers. The median housing rate falls lower than the national average. Income and job opportunities in the city are on the higher side. Moreover, you won’t be burdened too much with taxes in this city.  If you want to settle in a quirky and fun city, Kalamazoo is your answer. You will not run out of entertainment options in this city. Community events are a regular affair in this city.  Available remote working opportunities:

    • Remote School Special Education Teacher
    • Remote Business Intelligence Lead
    • Telecommute Senior Workday Solution Architect
    • Virtual Workforce Management Professional
    • Remote Inside Sales Representative


    The rise of job opportunities in the city has led many people to migrate here. The closing of the steel industry has cleaned the air in the city. You will see a rise in the number of green spaces in Pittsburgh. The residents of this city largely consist of graduates and families. They show a strong sense of community. The blue-collar reputation of the town is slowly tearing down. But the quality of life keeps improving in this city.  Available remote working opportunities:

    • Telecommute Infectious Diseases OP Nurse Coordinator I
    • Remote Implementation Consultant
    • Telecommute Full Stack Developer
    • Remote Interface Analyst
    • Virtual Certified German Teacher


    Once again, the low cost of living meets excellent job opportunities. Even though the taxes are a little higher, you can find an excellent place to live at decent rates.  Available remote working opportunities:

    • Virtual Credit Coordinator
    • Telecommute Cloud Ops Engineer
    • Remote K-12 School Psychologist
    • Remote Program Administrator
    • Remote Senior Clinical Budget Analyst


    The cost of living in this city is affordable and much lower than in other metro cities. Housing costs in this city are lower than the national median. The job market is also flourishing. Midwest friendliness is typical in this city. Despite being one of the most extensive metro cities in Michigan, the city spreads small-town warmth. If you are considering moving to Grand Rapids for remote work, you are going in the right direction.  Available remote working opportunities:

    • Telecommute Student Career Coach
    • Remote Assessment Curriculum Developer
    • Virtual Certified Music Teacher
    • Telecommute Senior Recruiter
    • Remote UX Writer


    This city is one of the cheapest places to live in the US. You can easily find an affordable place for yourself at a low rent. Spectacular mountain views accompany the moderate climate in this city. Therefore, you can explore the beautiful ideas in the city with all the flexibility of remote working. The number of families moving to the city for work is increasing daily.  Available remote working opportunities:

    • Remote Digital Marketing Coordinator
    • Telecommute Quality Assurance Architect
    • Remote Software Applications Engineer
    • Remote Senior Fraud Investigator
    • Virtual Bilingual Spanish Medical Scribe Trainer

    10 Worst Cities for Hiring Remote Workers

    • Boston, MA

    The high cost of living is a red flag for remote workers.

    • Oxinut, Calif

      It will overburden you with taxes along with high living costs.

    • San Bernardino, Calif

    You might not be able to keep up with your expenses in this costly city.

    • Elk Grove, Calif.

    Paying taxes and other miscellaneous expenses takes a lot of work to manage. 

    • Ontario, Calif.

    Keeping with the taxes and expenses will burn a massive hole in your pocket.

    • Lexington, Ky.

    Getting an affordable internet plan is quite tricky here.

    • Anchorage, Alaska

    It is quite easy to rent a coworking space in Anchorage. However, there might be few opportunities for remote working in this city. 

    • Bakersfield, Calif.

    Don’t even think about this city if you’re looking to cut down on your living expenses.

    • Moreno Valley, Calif.

    Are you trying to escape from high taxes? If yes, avoid this place.

    • Honolulu, Hawaii

    The unaffordable rent in the city forces remote workers to exclude this city from the list of best remote working cities.


    The best cities for remote workers have favorable factors such as the high availability of remote jobs and high-speed internet coverage. If the tax burden in a city is too high, remote workers do not prefer it. The cost of living in the town, including rent, healthcare, and other miscellaneous expenses, influences the decision of remote workers.  

    It is also vital to look for a town with growth opportunities for a business. Some of the best US cities for remote workers include Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo. Remote workers often shift to these cities to pursue their dream jobs with added flexibility.

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