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Remote Work Experts from Czech Republic

There is a rise in the use of digital tools and that comes from a geometric growth in technology.  Grade schoolers work on computers, using applications that were strictly for the corporate world some years back. We use technology in traditional industries like insurance. 

Software developers are vital in sustaining this penetration of technology into all facets of our lives. Most employers wouldn’t consider hiring a remote team in the Czech Republic. However, technology has made it possible for people to work on the same project while residing in different countries. 

Software development is the kind of work that people can do with a laptop and a good internet connection. This means that at its core, software development is suitable for remote teams. 

This characteristic of software development has caused an increased remote working culture among developers. A huge number of companies are seeing the advantages of having their software engineers and developers work remotely. 

The pandemic that has ravaged the whole world for almost 2 years has also accelerated the trend. Many software developers were able to maintain their productivity while under lockdowns and other restrictions. 

Hiring a remote team in the Czech Republic would seem strange for software companies but there are benefits that this brings.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a central European country. It is landlocked. It is bordered by Austria, Germany, Poland, and Slovakia. The country has an estimated population of 10.7 million people. 

The Czech Republic is politically stable. This is a contrast to some of its neighbours like Belarus and Ukraine. The current government was elected into office in 2017 based on parliamentary elections. The judiciary swore in the elected officers in 2018.  

The government is made of a coalition of two parties. The parties are the political movement ANO 2011 and Czech Social Democratic Party. The current prime minister of the country is Andrej Babis. He is a member of the ANO 2011 political movement.

The Czech Republic has a strong economy. However, the economy suffered the effects of the pandemic. The economy shrank in 2020 but experts expect it to rebound by 4.9% in 2022. Vaccination is aiding in the reopening of the economy. However, the increasing gas and petrol prices have kept inflation at 2%. Experts say this will continue in 2022. 

The country has a low unemployment rate of 2.7%. This gives the picture of a stable economy with room for growth. 

All these factors contribute to the interest many companies are having in the Czech Republic software developers. 

Why You Should Hire Remote Developers

More and more industries are seeing the advantages of hiring remote workers. They see the advantages in the progress the software engineering industry has made. Hiring remote developers has advantages. 

Employers, in the past, had the notion that they had to keep close tabs on their employees. However, A study shows that remote developers are 25% more productive than employees that show up at work. This seems surprising until you discover that 9 out of 10 developers feel more productive when they work remotely. 

For some employees, the absence of having to commute to work means they get to their tasks earlier. They are less exhausted than they would be if they commuted to and from work.

Another reason why you should hire remote developers is the access to a wider pool. If a company doesn’t hire developers remotely, they become bound to their geography. Hiring remotely can lead to getting developers in the Czech Republic and other countries. 

A big advantage of hiring remotely is also cost. You save a huge amount of money on providing office space. You can save as high as $10,000 in estate costs per employee. 

Benefits of Hiring a Remote Team in the Czech Republic

There are obvious benefits of hiring a remote team. There are, in addition, specific benefits of hiring a remote team in the Czech Republic. These advantages come from the unique position the country is in. The benefits include:

The Czech Republic Deep Talent Pool

The country is known for its athletes and musicians. It isn’t so popular for its large population of software developers. 

Analysts say that there are more than 150,000 IT specialists in the Czech Republic alone. What even makes the talent pool more impressive is that 7000 people graduate from IT courses yearly.

The developers aren’t just many, but they are talented too. The talent has made Microsoft establish a hub in the country. The coders are proficient in a variety of languages and domains. Developers in the Czech Republic have been involved in projects like Avast and Seznam. CZ. 

Getting a remote team in the Czech Republic will allow a company to access a high-quality talent pool. 

Professional Culture

Developers from the Czech Republic are professional in all they do. It is a culture that has permeated deeply into the tech world. 

This might be why their successes are clear to see. Avast is one of the most polished anti-virus applications out there, with constant improvement and stability. 

Developers and managers take their work seriously, beating deadlines and going the extra mile to ensure a project is of the highest quality. They take pride in their work and won’t settle for anything less than perfection. 

The tech world needs such a culture. It is such a world where a single bug can render a whole project useless. 

If you hire a remote team from the Czech Republic, you will get high-quality results. 


When thinking of business infrastructure in the world, you might make the mistake of overlooking the Czech Republic. The reality is that the country has the infrastructure in place for business growth, particularly in technology.

The country has been involved in the automobile industry for about 100 years. Many of the major players in the automobile industry have factories in the country. 

The software infrastructure is also developing very fast. It is now, because of this, a major player in software development in Europe. 

It has used its infrastructure to carve a niche for itself in cybersecurity. This expertise is clear to see in the security options Avast provides. 

A major part of the infrastructure is the universities that produce high-quality software engineers. The universities are equipped to be places of innovation as well as learning. 

Manageable Time Zone

The geographical location of the country makes working with developers easier. The Czech Republic falls under the Central Europe time zone. 

This means that developers in the Czech Republic can work with companies in countries like the UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and France without adjusting their working hours. 

There is also the added advantage of being only 4 hours ahead of most countries in North America like the United States and Canada. Such a time difference is manageable and living adjustments are slight. 

In comparison to Asian developers, this advantage is a big plus for companies looking to hire a remote team in the Czech Republic. Indian developers are 12 hours ahead of North American companies adjusting a lot and life-altering. 


Outsourcing to the Czech Republic wouldn’t be the attractive venture it is if it didn’t have financial benefits. 

The average earning in the United States is $4000 a month and for software developers, it goes as high as $10000 a month. In the Czech Republic, the average monthly salary is 26000 CZK which is equivalent to $1000. 

The disparity is clear to see. Developers in the Czech Republic earn about $28000 a year compared to $48000 in the UK and $89000 in New York, USA. 

Although getting experienced developers is never cheap, you will get more of your money’s worth if you hire a remote team in the Czech Republic.

Possible Challenges you Might Face when Hiring a Remote Team in the Czech Republic

While there are benefits to hiring a remote team in the Czech Republic, there are challenges that you might face in the process. The good thing is, with proper management, a company can overcome these challenges.

The first challenge is the language barrier. English isn’t the first language of most developers in the Czech Republic. The primary language in the country is Czech. Although English is spoken in the country, some elements might be missing in understanding due to the cultural differences in the language. 

With projects outsourced, real-time feedback might be a challenge. Developers working on a project can be many miles apart. This will pose the challenge of getting everyone to make reports and beat deadlines simultaneously. 

A solution to this is to get managers that can motivate and monitor the activities of the developers ensuring that they are operating optimally. 

The final challenge is ensuring the safety of data that the team generates. Although cybersecurity is an aspect of tech that Czech developers are good at, the fragmentation of the office can lead to a data breach. The chances of this happening, in reality, are small. However, it is still a possibility.

The solution is to get a security company to handle your data as the hired developers generate it.

Where You Can Get Help

The Czech Republic is a country with a stable political landscape. It also has a stable economy that is on a growth path. Outsourcing your projects to remote staff has a lot of advantages. Outsourcing your work to a remote team in the Czech Republic comes with its unique benefits like cost and infrastructure.

There are also challenges that outsourcing your work will bring but these challenges can be overcome with a quality hiring method and selecting the best of the best. 

This is where Recruit Ninjas comes in. We are a staffing agency specializing in assembling remote teams. We are can help you hire the top 3% talent of any country in 20 countries in just 2 weeks. Better still, you don’t need to pay us until you hire. We offer remote staffing and graphic designing services.

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