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Belarus: Where a Pool of Great Remote Software Developers Come From

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    If you’re planning to hire remote software developers in Belarus, you’re in the right direction. With a bit of research and guidance, you can find incredible and proficient software developers in the billion-dollar programming industry in Belarus.

    Long regarded for its nostalgic art, cafe scenes, and friendly locales, Belarus has emerged as a booming IT hub in Eastern Europe. All thanks to the growing interest of citizens in technology, continuous governmental support, and high demand from Western regions. With all this, you can expect to work with some of the best and hire remote software developers from Belarus. 

    Here’re the top reasons why you can consider Belarus to hire remote development team for your next project. 

    1. High Priority of Tech Education in Belarus

    Despite the curb for social science, tech education in Belarus has always been free from any barriers. Nearly 3,500 students graduate from the country every year with IT and computer science as their major. Thus, you can sense their extent of technical knowledge! They have also been listed under the top 15 of the world’s strongest nations in the International Olympiad in Informatics since 1989. 

    The reason behind such massive tech education comes with local talent, external support, and state policies. This is also the reason behind its success in IT outsourcing across Eastern Europe! 

    Looking at the talent of Belarus, numerous tech companies started investing in the Belarusian Education System. This helped them fulfil the needs for up-to-date and high-class universities. Thanks to their investment, the country has 65 R&D laboratories for aspiring young techies and thus, you must hire remote software developers from there! 

    Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) recently came forward to improve technical education quality and quantity. They launched a project that focused on teaching materials and good practice exchange in the energy conversion technology field. 

    Besides this, students also get support from courses and programs arranged by tech giants. This ensures strong support from both theoretical and practical aspects. So, Belarus’s high-tech education knowledge results from mass back-end support.

    2. Competitive Rates for High-end Services

    When you hire remote software developers from Belarus, they offer affordable rates as compared to UK and US developers. If you collate the values, the average salary of a software developer in the UK is around £31,128 (annually). Likewise, the average base salary of a software engineer in the US is nearly $117,847 (annually). While some companies can afford these values, the pay range may not seem reasonable for startups. 

    On the other hand, Belarusian software developers charge BYN 18,000 annually (on an avg.). That’s around 6,964 US dollars and 5,106 Pound Sterlings! Imagine the cost you will be saving when you hire remote team or Belarusian software developers with such rates. 

    Besides salary, you will also be cutting on internal costs for training, onboarding, and pre-employment formalities. Even if they ask for bonuses and incentives, the ultimate cost will still be lesser than other countries. So, either way, their rates are pretty reasonable. Moreover, Belarusian developers are yet to be explored worldwide. So, looking at their talent and comparative charges, you can hire remote team for a successful business.  

    3. No Hassle of Recurrent Changes in Developer’s Team

    One of the biggest hassles of a developer’s team is when any professional member leaves the group. Not only does it increase the work target, but it also disrupts the workflow. However, with Belarusian software developers, there is no such issue. That’s because they do not switch their teams frequently. 

    As per the data on various Belarus companies, IT and R&D sectors are growing 4x faster in the country. Belarus has 55,700 IT specialists, with the highest number in Minsk (around 85%). Other cities like Gomel and Grodno account for 9.4% and 2.7%, respectively. While they offer services to all, their main clients belong to top countries like the UK and US. 

    So, they do not find any reason to migrate with such a flourishing opportunity. Instead, they stay with their respective teams till last. This ensures you get a breach-free outcome by the end. It also guarantees uniformity and quality in the tasks. Thus, if you want a solid team to complete your long projects, you should choose to hire remote team of Belarusian developers. 

    4. No Work Blunders Due to Time-Zone 

    Did you know that the time-zone difference between Belarus and the United Kingdom is just 3 hours? Thus, on hiring Belarusian software developers, UK companies won’t face any problem with communication, management, and allocations of the project to the developers. Likewise, European companies can also benefit from Belarusian developers as Belarus has the same time zone as Europe (UTC+3). This can ensure immediate responses, collaboration, and consecutive work.

    While Belarus is 8 hours ahead of the United States, the different time zones can ensure 24*7 work processes and satisfactory work outcomes. That’s because when you are sleeping, your developer’s team will be working (and vice versa). Therefore, you can maintain a cycle of working hours where one group ends the day and the other starts. This way, your company can stay active throughout the day when you hire remote team.

    You can benefit from this during situations where you receive clients’ feedback. The software developers can check the client reviews/feedback and start working accordingly. There will be no “sitting and waiting” from the client’s end with this. What else? A happy client means a successful company! Like the US, Belarusian software developers are equally flexible and cooperative for other regions globally.   

    5. Negligible Language Barriers

    With Belarusian software developers, you can stay assured of language hurdles. That’s because around 450,000 Belarusians speak English freely. Thus, with English being a common language for communication, you won’t face any collaboration issues. Furthermore, as per data, around 74.9 % of Belarusian techies consider their English to be upper-intermediate. From such values, you can estimate their level of proficiency. 

    Also, most Belarusian software developers are into outsourcing, where they have to interact with clients and stakeholders in English. So, you won’t be their first English-speaking client. Similarly, Belarusians are also familiar with German, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, and French. Russian is one of the most widely spoken languages in the country. Around 6.9 million people in Belarus can speak Russian. So, this serves as a benefit for the Russian companies and others. 

    6. High-Quality Solutions by Skilful Techies

    Belarusian software developers offer the best solutions in the IT sector. They are a bunch of scalable and flexible developers with relevant IT skills. Most of these specialists are constantly trained to ensure that their work quality matches the international standards. So, you know, when you hire remote team, they are suitable candidates for your software development. 

    As per the IT leaders, the world is suffering from a shortage of IT skills. Besides, there has also been a record high shortage of talent globally. In this case, these software developers can work as a patch for companies worldwide. 

    Speaking of their skills, Belarusian developers are familiar with relevant coding languages, data structures, algorithms, and testing procedures. They are also proficient with software frameworks, cloud platforms, and operation systems. In short, they have every skill that a software developer requires. 

    With years of experience, they can assist you with your business demands and requirements. They can also prevent the constant hassle of hiring a full-fledged software development team. Lastly, Belarus is one of the leading creators of applications in the world. So tech-wise, they are all-rounders! That’s because their assistance is enough to meet your business needs!  

    7. On-time Completion and Solid Work Ethics

    Belarusian software developers are known for their strong work ethics and timely task submission. Their attitude is similar to most of the other developers around the world. Thus, you will find them highly social and friendly while interacting and when you hire remote software developers. They are also trustworthy and honest with their clients for efficient outcomes. They respect others’ privacy and keep the work confidential. So, you can stay assured of any such violations. Additionally, they do not take credit for someone else’s ideas. Instead, they brainstorm and come up with their ideas.

    Belarusian developers are also quick with their work. They develop effective strategies to ensure everything is on the right track. However, the fast pace does not mean haphazardly-done tasks. They are quick yet efficient with their work quality! 

    Additionally, Belarusian software developers have relevant skills like strong teamwork and inherent motivation to complement their knowledge. They also have good problem-solving abilities to approach a solution. With such expertise, you should undoubtedly hire remote developers in Belarus. 


    We hope now you know why Belarus software developers are ruling the tech industry. So, these were the seven reasons why you should hire remote software developers. Do you know any other reasons for hiring these professionals? If so, then let us know in the comments section. Also, do not forget to like and share if you found this blog valuable. 

    In this pandemic-prone era, nothing is as beneficial as hiring a remote staff for your company. Fortunately, few genuine and reputable agencies help recruit remote staff in Belarus and other countries in the world. Simply do your homework and find the best recruitment process outsourcing company and hire remote team to make things easier for you.

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