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Against the backdrop of the new normal, here’s discussing the e-recruitment platform

The workforce of a business plays a vital role in shaping the growth of the business. Thus, it is important to select the right persons to work for the business. While several organizations still use the traditional form of hiring, companies take advantage of at least one online recruitment platform to identify and hire the right candidates. Also equally popular are online hiring platforms.

What is the e-recruitment process?

E-recruitment is also known as online recruitment. This form of hiring candidates uses several forms of technology like cloud-based recruitment software and Artificial Intelligence or AI. However, the online recruiting process adopts the same procedures as traditional recruitment.

Steps involved in the online recruiting process

The online recruitment process takes advantage of an online recruitment platform. Various steps are involved in online recruiting. Discussed below are the various steps:-

Prepping for your ideal candidate

The debut step in the process is to prepare the requirements of the candidates on behalf of the company. The Human Resource division of the company usually prepares the list of vacancies that are to be filled in the company. The job profile is also prepared. It must include the roles and responsibilities of the candidates.

Sourcing and attracting talent

Once the job description is prepared, the next step in the online recruitment process is identifying and attracting the right talent. An online recruitment platform could be used in this step in the recruitment process. Through multiple sources, the company spreads awareness of the job positions that the company is hiring candidates for. The advertisement also has information about how eligible candidates can apply for the job vacancies.

Selecting, screening and shortlisting candidates

Once the eligible candidates have applied for the job with the company, it is the responsibility of the human resource department of the organization to shortlist the candidates who fulfill the criteria. Some organizations take the help of an online recruitment platform for selecting and screening candidates. In online recruitment during the recruitment process, taking the help of technology makes the process easy.

The interview process

Once the company has selected and shortlisted candidates, it is the company’s job to inform the selected candidates to appear for the interview. While using online hiring platforms, in the online recruiting process, the company communicates with job aspirants using various digital platforms. As a result, the candidate is informed about the online recruitment platform and is expected to be available at the scheduled date and time for the interview.

Reference check

Depending on how the candidates perform at the interview, the company’s human resource department informs the candidates who are selected. Before this, the human department staff of the company does a thorough background check about the candidate. The information furnished by the candidate is also checked. The certificates and documents which the candidate submits are also verified.

Terms and conditions are conveyed to the candidate

The next process of the online recruiting process is to inform the selected candidates about the nature of the work, terms and conditions, and roles and responsibilities of the candidate. If it is a win-win scenario between the company and the candidate, the selected candidate is progressed to the onboarding and induction process. 

Onboarding and induction

After all the selected candidates have confirmed that they are ready to take up the job with the organization, the joining date is fixed. On the day, the candidates are formally introduced to the organization. Onboarding and induction are the last and final steps in the recruitment process.

In the remote recruitment process, the various stages are virtual

The various stages are performed virtually in the online recruiting or e-recruitment process. Under many circumstances, the job is also remote when the employee is expected to work from home. Recruit Ninjas is one of the companies you can trust for the online recruitment needs of your business. As a business owner, if you wish to perform the recruitment process in-house, you can consider using one online recruitment platform for the online recruiting process.

What is an online recruitment platform?

One of the best ways to recruit candidates is by taking advantage of any online recruitment platform. The use of the internet in the recruitment process saves time and money for both the job seeker and the business owner. Using recruitment management software and an online recruitment platform for the recruitment process results in inefficiency. If you are a business owner, read on to understand how your organization can use an online recruitment platform.

How business owners can use an online recruitment platform for the online recruitment process

When it comes to using an online recruitment platform to recruit candidates for the business, either the various online mediums can be used, or online hiring platforms and recruitment management software can be used. Let us understand this subject in detail.

Various online recruitment platforms that can be used in the recruitment process include the company’s official website, social media platforms, internet advertising campaigns, and online job websites. Here’s taking a closer look at them:-

Official website of the business

The company’s official website can double up as one of the best online recruitment platforms for the company. Many internet users browse through the business website as the information provided is genuine. Regardless of the size of the business, almost all business websites have a website. In the careers section of the website, the latest job vacancies are shared. Also, the contact number is shared on the website. Candidates can apply for the position if they wish.

Social media platforms

Social media platforms are one of the best ways to stay in touch with potential customers and the business’s target audience. In addition, the various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, among others, also double up as one of the best ways to convey about the preset job vacancies at the company, thus enabling interested candidates to apply for the same.

Online advertising campaigns

An individual seeking employment looks up a job online. Taking advantage of this, the digital marketing team of the organization identifies the most searched keywords and initiates advertising campaigns on multiple online platforms.

Job portals

A few popular job portals have thousands of jobs at any given time. Job portals bridge the employer and the employee in the online recruitment platform. On the one hand, business owners share information about the job vacancy in their company, and on the other hand, job seekers upload their resumes on the online job portals. If all falls in place, the company hires the candidate.

List of the best recruitment software of 2022

Many organizations are taking advantage of recruitment management software to find the best talent. The various online hiring platforms may include applicant tracking software (ATS), tools to interview candidates, automations, and customization features. When we searched for online recruitment platforms, we came across a few online hiring platforms and recruitment management software. In no order of importance, we have listed a few of them which, in our opinion, deserve mention.

Breezy HR

As a business owner, if you are looking for a cost-effective online recruiting solution, you can consider using Breezy HR. The solution is recommended especially for small business owners. One of the advantages is that business owners can use the free version of Breezy HR. In addition, the recruitment platform allows users to develop a personalized employee portal. Another feature of the online recruitment platform is that it allows users to rate candidates during the interview process using custom rating cards.

Jazz HR

If you are a business owner who owns a business with a staff strength of under 500-odd employees, we recommend that you consider taking advantage of Jazz HR platform. The dashboard that comes powered with many-a-features is also easy to use. Additionally, with Jazz HR, you can take advantage of a 21-day free trial without using your credit or debit card. All it takes is just a single click to post and share multiple job openings. In addition, the employer can automatically send emails informing candidates if they are selected or rejected with the recruitment management software. The automation tools of the online recruitment platform make it a perfect option for small organizations that aim to streamline the recruitment process.


Greenhouse is one of the most sought-after online hiring platforms. The online recruitment platform offers robust features, and many of its features can be customized to match the needs of the online recruiting process. What’s more, Greenhouse is more than just a recruitment management software used as an online recruitment platform. The platform offers the option to onboard the selected candidates. It gives the user an option to customize emails, besides allowing the employee to measure candidate relationships and nurture the workforce. The online recruitment platform is integrated with over 360 software platforms. Thus, the recruitment process is hassle-free.


As a business owner, if you are on the lookout for an online recruitment platform that is easy to use, you need to take a closer look at the Recooty recruitment platform. The online recruitment platform is one of the best online hiring platforms in terms of pricing. Recology offers users the option to try the plan for free, and the recruitment platform also offers discounts for annual subscriptions. It is an all-in-one online recruiting tool as the online recruitment platform helps the user with the recruitment process right from scratch. A business owner can construct a talent pool, review applications, and schedule interviews with selected candidates. While on the Recooty online recruitment platform dashboard, the user can download resumes, filter and shortlist potential candidates, virtually move the handpicked candidates to the talent pool, and do more than just this. When signing up for services on the Recooty online recruitment platform, the business owner can opt for a monthly or an annual plan.

Recruit Ninjas is your one-stop solution for your business’s outsourcing remote hiring needs

As a business owner, you can opt for one of the online recruitment platforms that will work best for you. However, we recommend that you partner with Recruit Ninjas for the recruitment needs of your business. Recruit Ninjas can become your long-term outsourcing remote recruitment partner. Visit the official website of the small recruitment outsourcing company to know how you can get started.

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