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Hiring Software Developers

When hiring software developers, avoiding common mistakes is crucial for success. This blog post will discuss the four critical mistakes hiring managers should avoid when recruiting IT candidates. By being aware of them, you can improve your recruitment process and attract top talent in the competitive tech industry.

1. Lack of Understanding

One of the biggest mistakes while hiring software developers is needing to fully grasp the different programming languages and frameworks used in IT roles. For hiring software developers effectively, knowing the tools they work with is essential.

Front-End and Back-End Development

JavaScript’s wide-ranging applicability extends to various fields, such as web development, data engineering, and more. When hiring a JavaScript developer, it is crucial to ascertain whether they specialize in front-end, back-end, or full-stack development. In front-end development, popular libraries like V8 and jQuery are frequently employed. Familiarity with these libraries indicates that a developer is adept at building user interfaces and enhancing the user experience.

It is common for developers to transition from front-end to full-stack development, where they handle both back-end and front-end responsibilities. Notably, JavaScript is also extensively used in cross-platform mobile app development, ensuring compatibility with both iOS and Android platforms.

Data Engineering

In data engineering, languages like PL/SQL and Python are commonly used alongside Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Informatica databases. PL/SQL is explicitly associated with data engineers.

Mind Map for Latest IT Trends

It is essential to keep a mind map while hiring software developers that provides a comprehensive overview of programming languages and their related frameworks, including Ruby, PHP, Perl, Python, Scala, SQL, Java, JavaScript, HTML, Kotlin, and R. While it may not be necessary to have in-depth knowledge of all these languages, understanding their purpose and usage is crucial when hiring software developers. It ensures that you remain updated on the latest trends and technologies in the ever-evolving field of software development.

2. One Approach Fits All

Approaching software developers solely based on their technical skills is a common mistake. Different considerations arise when engaging with developers based on their employment status. For instance, when interacting with a freelance JavaScript developer from an outsourcing company, the approach would differ from that used with a permanent employee who is a full-stack developer.

Freelance developers often prioritize their daily rate and may have specific compensation and project duration requirements. On the other hand, career growth opportunities and long-term job stability might be more critical when approaching a permanent employee.

3. Ignoring the Latest Trends

Staying updated on the newest and most popular versions of programming languages and frameworks is crucial in hiring software developers. Candidates appreciate employers who are aware of the latest advancements in their field.

Awareness of these updates and changes in programming languages and frameworks helps recruiters, HR managers, talent acquisition specialists, and IT recruitment consultants understand the evolving technology landscape. When hiring software developers, a more informed approach can be taken by focusing on additional information beyond high-level language knowledge.

4. Over-Emphasizing Specific Experience

The fourth mistake is the tendency to approach software developers solely based on their experience with a specific framework when hiring software developers. This approach can be limiting because developers can learn new libraries or frameworks relatively quickly. Developers can easily switch between frameworks within the same programming language. Many developers enjoy experimenting with different frameworks and technologies rather than sticking to one.

The Hierarchy of Knowledge in the Software Development Field

We have software engineering and computer science at the foundation of software development, encompassing concepts like algorithms, complexity, architecture, organization, computational science, and operating systems. Acquiring expertise in these areas typically requires several years of formal education.

On top of this foundation, programming languages serve as the means for developers to communicate with computers, while frameworks act as templates or structures professionals use to build applications. Additionally, libraries serve as plug-ins that extend functionality within these frameworks.

Stay Updated with Surveys

It is beneficial to refer to surveys conducted by reputable sources such as Stack Overflow to stay updated on the latest and popular frameworks while hiring software developers. These surveys involve a large sample of software developers and provide insights into the most popular programming languages and frameworks.


Hiring software developers requires avoiding common mistakes that can hinder your recruitment process. Understanding the programming languages and frameworks relevant to IT roles is essential for effective communication and targeting. Tailoring your approach to the preferences of different candidates can yield better results.

Staying up-to-date with the latest trends showcases your commitment to innovation. It attracts top talent. Remember not to overemphasize specific experiences, as software developers can learn and adapt. By avoiding these four mistakes, you can enhance your chances of hiring skilled software developers who will contribute to your organization’s success.

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The video that inspired this blog is ‘The Four Mistakes To Avoid When Recruiting Software Developers And IT Candidates’ by ‘IT Bounty Hunters & Tech Recruiters – Michal Juhas.’

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