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Recruiting Best Programmers

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    Are you looking for the best programmers in Slovakia for your business? If so, then you’re at the right place, as this blog covers all the necessary points to help you choose a suitable programmer. 

    Slovakia is one of the top countries for developers and programmers and to hire remote teams. They are constantly advancing their skills to assess businesses globally. Their brilliant minds can boost your company objectives and make you stand out amidst competitors. 

    However, it’s essential to start by recruiting proficient programmers to employ their benefits and skills. Here’s a detailed guide to help you with the same:

    Reasons for Hiring Best Programmers from Slovakia

    With so many programmers worldwide, you might wonder why consider programmers from Slovakia for your dream project? Below mentioned are a few major reasons for the same: 

    You Can Hire Remote Programmer

    As Slovakia offers you to hire remote team and remote programmers, you can access their talent from any part of the world. Whether from the UK, US, or Russia, these bright-minded programmers can assist you anywhere with their top-notch skills and tech knowledge. Also, about 77% of employees say they are more active and productive in remote work. With such statistics, it’s worth hiring Slovakian remote programmers for your business goals.

    A More Budget-Friendly Option

    Did you know Slovakia is the seventh cheapest country in Europe? Moreover, the average annual salary of a Slovakian programmer is nearly 24,000 EUR. This is significantly lower than the salary of programmers in the UK and USA. For example, hiring a software developer in the UK may cost you around 73,000 EUR. It’s more than double the average salary of a Slovakian developer. 

    Thus, if you hire remote programmer from Slovakia, the service cost will be less. Besides, there will be no hidden or additional costs related to administration, equipment, or other necessities.

    Ease of Communication  

    According to a report, around 25.84% of youngsters speak conversational English in Slovakia. Communication and interaction will not be a barrier for Slovakian programmers with such values. They will understand your requirements easily and implement the same into their services.  

    Best Security and Privacy

    Slovakia has strict laws for data protection and cyber security. The government ensures adequate data safeguarding through its regulations. So, you are unlikely to combat any troubles when you hire remote team.

    The Emerging Hub of the IT Industry

    With 39,000+ software developers and numerous aspiring ones, the Slovakian IT industry is emerging as an IT hub. Furthermore, as per the digitization plan 2030 of Slovakia, the country aims to boost the digital skills of citizens, labor forces, and ICT specialists. In addition, the plan also focuses on improving digital skills in education. Thus, with its outstanding talent pool and massive government support, Slovakia is on the right track as a successful and emerging IT hub helping people hire remote programmer!

    How to Hire the Best Programmer in Slovakia for your Business?

    The good news is that the IT pool in Slovakia is very large and interesting. So, addressing the right talent can be challenging. If you’ve a local contact (someone who belongs to the tech industry) in Slovakia, you can ask them for good references. But this is a rare chance. 

    So, let’s move ahead and check out some tips you can use to reach good talent in Slovakia: 

    Avoid Job Portals

    First things, first! When it comes to hiring the best remote developer in Slovakia, you may feel prompted to post your requirements on job portals. But the truth is good developers don’t go there now; not even popular platforms. Unfortunately, job portals are mostly flooded with novice or average individuals. But you need experts! 

    Experts don’t use job portals anymore because they’re already in demand and get better offers outside these portals. So, you should avoid Slovakian job portals like Profesia, Praca, and more. 

    Focus on Skills, not Price

    Good talent doesn’t come cheap. Of course, you’re looking for someone who fits your budget, but you don’t want to compromise the work quality at all. It’s a bonus that the best programmers in Slovakia are more affordable than those in other countries, like the USA and the UK. 

    Moreover, when we talk about affordable and good talent, our focus should be on talent, skills, availability and accessibility. 

    Decide Whether You Want a Regular or Remote Programmer

    In today’s pandemic-driven era, you have two options. Either hire regular programming personnel or choose to hire remote team from Slovakia. While this is entirely your decision, we think a remote Slovakian programmer would make a better pick. That’s because they cut the hassle of re-locating and operational costs. Also, they get more focused time, fewer interruptions, and a quieter work ambiance to deliver good quality outcomes. In short, your company can become a successful business with remote teams.

    Also, with recurrent virus waves, offices tend to close now and then. So, you may have to go remote anyway! So, it’s best to choose remote Slovakian programmers from the start. However, regular or remote, Slovakian programmers are talented either way! So, make sure to hire remote staff or teams for extensive projects.

    Gather Your Job Requirements

    You need to be very clear and specific with your requirements. Make sure your final job description has the necessary job title, duties, qualifications, responsibilities, and skills. 

    Fortunately, English is the most widely spoken foreign language in Slovakia, and most people understand it. So, when it comes to the language, you should post in both Slovak and English.

    Shorter job descriptions get 8.4% more applications per view than average. So, make sure to keep the sentences short and easy to read. List the responsibility and qualification in bulleted form. That way, it will be easier for the applicants to scan and assess the important points. 

    Avoid highlighting unnecessary job functions and keep the requirements to the point. A poorly written description could disrupt your hiring decision. You may receive unqualified applicants or no applicants at all. So, always curate a detailed job description. 

    Work with an Agency to Hire Developers in Slovakia

    To successfully hire a remote developer in Slovakia, you can outsource your recruitment process to an agency. Are you wondering how does an agency help?

    Recruitment agencies that specialize in remote hiring globally have a large network in Slovakia. They are familiar with market trends and situations in the country. Moreover, they continuously deal with Slovakian developers who actively look for jobs overseas. If the recruiter finds a suitable candidate for your needs (you have to provide a job description in the beginning), you can go into details. So, it saves you hassle and time interviewing a large number of ineligible candidates. 

    A good offshore recruitment agency can help you attract more and better developers in Slovakia. Most importantly, a reputable agency serves as a bridge between you and deserving candidates. This is what job portals often lack.

    Conduct an Interview

    Once the agency finds good developers for you, they will finalize the suitable candidates as per your requirement. Now, it’s the time when you would take over the interview process. You can arrange an interview through video conferencing. Again, you won’t have any problem interviewing remote developers in Slovakia because they can speak and understand English very well.

    It requires at least 2-3 interviews to hire the right candidate (on an avg). So, take your time to hire a remote team of Slovakian programmers for your company. 

    Finally, select a candidate that is technically, socially, and qualification-wise proficient. Once done, let your remote recruiters know your hiring decisions (if you have hired any). They will instantly move on to the onboarding process. 


    Hopefully, now you know how to hire the best programmers for your company. To sum up, the process narrows down your expectations, post your requirements, interview the candidate and hire! However, if you don’t want all this fuss, take help from a remote staffing company. They can help you select the best programmers in Slovakia. Interview talented developers/programmers through end-to-end hiring and choose the candidates that meet your expectations. That’s all!

    Besides, please like, share, and comment if you found this blog informative. Also, let us know if we have missed any points about Slovakian programmers.

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