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Elevate Your Designs with AI: Empowering Remote Graphic Designers

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Offshore graphic designers

Remote graphic designers find AI tools highly beneficial for several reasons. These tools can handle repetitive tasks like background removal and color palette creation, making work more efficient and productive. AI-powered tools promote smooth collaboration by using cloud-based platforms. They allow offshore graphic designers to share assets and get real-time feedback from clients and team members, regardless of location.

AI’s intelligent suggestions and design inspirations enhance creativity. They help offshore graphic designers overcome creative blocks and deliver unique designs. As they are accessible from anywhere, AI tools optimize resources by eliminating the need for specialized hardware installations. They also ensure design quality by automatically correcting errors and refining sketches. Thus, you can expect polished outcomes with AI tools.

Today, we will discuss six incredibly interesting AI tools that transform the design process and elevate your design skills and approach. These tools have revolutionized the way offshore graphic designers tackle design projects. They can boost your creativity and make your design journey even more exciting. So, without any delay, let’s dive straight into exploring these excellent AI tools!

1. Pickwish

Pickwish is an excellent AI-powered image editing tool that can take your editing skills to the next level. It uses AI algorithms to analyze and enhance your images. With just a few clicks, it gives them a personal touch. 

Whether you want to fix colors, reduce noise, or remove objects, Pickwish will do the job. It’s especially great for quickly removing backgrounds from images without losing quality or changing the original size. Among various background removal tools, Pickwish is a reliable and practical choice for offshore graphic designers who want premium editing features.

2. Chroma

Chroma is an AI-powered color palette generator perfect for color enthusiasts who struggle to find the right palette. It’s impressive because it analyzes millions of images to extract color data and create harmonious palettes. Chroma makes it easy for designers to use stunning color schemes in their projects by suggesting complementary colors and providing hex codes. 

Pick 50 colors you like, and Chroma’s machine learning creates personalized palettes. You can view these palettes as gradient, typography, or image options, giving you many choices. If you’re an offshore graphic designer looking for a reliable and creative color palette solution, Chroma is a great tool to try.

3. FontJoy

Typography is essential in graphic design, and FontJoy is an AI-powered tool that makes it easier. It analyzes your text and gives intelligent suggestions for font combinations, spacing, and hierarchy. It helps with everyday issues like choosing the suitable typeface and getting the spacing (leading and kerning) correct. 

With FontJoy, these problems are solved effortlessly. This powerful tool lets designers create attractive and professional typography that grabs attention. By using FontJoy, offshore graphic designers can make their designs look even better and ensure that typography fits well with the overall look of their projects.

4. AutoDraw

When you need quick illustrations for your designs, AutoDraw is there to help. This fantastic tool uses AI to recognize and turn your rough sketches into polished illustrations. It’s especially great for those who may need to improve at drawing because it can work wonders with simple freehand drawings. 

AutoDraw’s smart algorithms understand what you want and give suggestions to improve your sketches. It saves you time and effort in the illustration process. It’s a valuable asset for offshore graphic designers who want to create captivating visuals effortlessly.

5. Let’s Enhance

When you need to make images bigger, Let’s Enhance is the best tool. Although it costs money, it’s worth it because it works well. Let’s Enhance uses AI to make images bigger while keeping the details sharp and clear. It’s perfect for images meant for printing. 

With Let’s Enhance, you can be sure your images will still look great even when stretched to their largest size. It’s perfect for offshore graphic designers who need high-quality images for their projects. Let’s Enhance is a reliable and valuable tool when you want to enlarge images beautifully.

6. MidJourney

Looking for design ideas takes time, but MidJourney makes it easy. It’s a platform where you can quickly explore lots of design inspirations. You no longer have to search on different websites, saving you precious time. MidJourney has a simple interface and shows you design ideas that match your preferences. It has a vast collection of design trends and styles. 

Once it understands what you like, it gives you creative concepts and ideas for your graphic design projects. With MidJourney by your side, you’ll always have fresh ideas and innovative design methods.

Adobe Firefly

The all-new Photoshop generative AI is amazing with its incredible capabilities. Using AI tools like this, offshore graphic designers can unlock unlimited creativity and work more efficiently. To use Adobe Firefly, you need an active Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. It’s not in regular Photoshop but in the beta version. 

Download the beta version, and this powerful AI tool is waiting for you. It’s easy to install and use once you have the beta version. If you don’t have an Adobe subscription, there might be other ways to access it in the future. Its mind-blowing abilities will surely take your design work to new heights.


In remote work environments that can be unpredictable, AI tools play a vital role by quickly adapting to various project needs. This adaptability allows offshore graphic designers to handle diverse tasks with ease and efficiency. In summary, these AI tools are powerful assets for offshore graphic designers, enabling them to streamline their workflows, foster creativity, collaborate effectively, and ultimately deliver high-quality designs. Their ability to adapt and support designers in the remote work setting makes them indispensable tools for successful and efficient design projects.

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This blog is inspired by the video, ‘6 Ai tools I use as a Graphic Designer’ by Anik Jain.

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