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Outsourcing vs In-Sourcing: Which is Better for Hiring Software Programmers?

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Outsourcing VS Insourcing

The need for skilled software programmers has never been higher in today’s technology-driven world. However, companies face a critical decision regarding hiring these professionals – whether to outsource or insource. Outsourcing involves hiring external companies or freelancers to handle software development projects, while insourcing involves recruiting and hiring software programmers as in-house employees. 

Each approach has its benefits and drawbacks, and choosing the right software developers for hire can significantly impact a company’s success. In this blog, we’ll explore the pros and cons of outsourcing and insourcing software developers for hire and help you decide which option is best for your business.

Insourcing and Outsourcing

In the past years, back-office and administrative tasks were the first to be outsourced. Later, customer service, manufacturing, IT, and software development were added. IT outsourcing is a significant industry nowadays. According to Spherical Insights, the global IT outsourcing market (including help and service desks) have reached $481.37 billion last 2022, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.2%.

Regions such as Eastern Europe – for clients in Western Europe – and Mexico – for American and Canadian companies – are increasingly popular destinations for IT outsourcing (also known as near-shoring, due to geographic proximity). However, we observe a return of insourcing, also called conventional in-house recruitment, in some industries, such as financial services.

Which Should You Choose, Outsource or Insource?

1. How Fundamental Is This Operation?

There are core and non-core roles in every organization.

A lot of businesses opt to outsource a portion of the work they need to be done, like looking to hire software developers for various IT projects. Many companies’ expansion and service delivery plans frequently include software as a critical operational and strategic component. Even the majority of businesses in the finance, healthcare, and insurance sectors cannot function without their respective chief technology and chief data officers. Teams working toward fundamental goals are in front of those in top management positions. Additionally, they frequently have outsourced teams working with them who contribute significantly and substantively.

In smaller businesses, this hybrid strategy might not be feasible. As a result, outsourcing software developers for hire is the best option from a financial standpoint.

  • When a position is essential to the firm’s operation and must be kept in-house due to one or more factors (risk mitigation, compliance, corporate culture, etc.), insourcing is preferable.
  • When there is fierce competition for talent, cheaper costs, or improved innovation, outsourcing software developers for hire is preferable.

2. What Is the Price?

The cost has been a factor since the outsourcing movement trend began.

The following expenses must be taken into account when using an insourced team:

  • gross income
  • Taxes and other required payments to the government
  • Contributions to a pension
  • IT and office expenses

Recruiting and training software developers can be costly, and competition for skilled workers can drive up salaries and benefits. Outsourcing developers means agreeing to a set price for the duration of the contract, with the partner company handling expenses. Finding skilled developers can be difficult, and outsourcing may be a better option. For complex projects, a team of five or more may be needed, and insourcing requires identifying skills, offering salaries, and assembling a team. Outsourcing simplifies the process and ends your responsibilities once the project is completed.

  • When a core team of developers is required over the long term, insourcing is preferable. A business is trying to build and nurture a team of software experts, and internalizing this role makes it more efficient.
  • It is better to outsource software developers for hire when a project has a clear start and conclusion date. The cost and time of hiring an internal team would be too great, and after the project is finished, they would either need to be given a new duty or fired. In situations like this, outsourcing consistently proves to be more successful.

3. How Long Does Recruitment Take?

Going the traditional recruitment approach, or insourcing, requires time. A position or team needs to be advertised. You can either manage the process internally, which uses up internal resources, or engage with a recruitment agency, (which is an additional cost) (more time, more money). The next step is to make offers, hire new personnel, and then move the project along.

The time required when you hire software programmers might range from a few weeks, which is short, to many months. They won’t want to wait that long if you’ve identified a stellar candidate at another company. An eager rival with a larger budget or quicker turnaround quickly snatches up top talent.

Anyone who has ever recruited for software employment knows how competitive the market is when wanting to recruit software developers. You are against large corporations, other corporations, high-growth startups, and development companies in this market. Geographic limitations also apply to your business. Most new employees commute from within a reasonable distance, typically up to an hour.

Software development outsourcing enables access to global IT talent. Talent that would not typically find your business is now available and prepared to collaborate with you. The advantage of outsourcing is that you don’t have to wait months between deciding to move forward with the project and assembling the team to complete the work. Sometimes you can put together a capable team prepared to work on a project in under two weeks.

Outsourcing can save a significant amount of time and money compared to insourcing.

  • When you hire software programmers for a lengthy project and you are aware that an internal team is the best option, insourcing is preferable. Just be prepared to invest the time and money necessary to assemble this team.
  • When a team is required to start working on a project fast, outsourcing software developers for hire is preferable. By outsourcing, you can cut costs and save time. Outsourcing software developers for hire initiatives might strengthen other essential procedures. By contracting with other firms to develop your software, you may keep your in-house developers from being overburdened with tasks beyond their scope of expertise and free them up to concentrate more on long-term objectives.

4. What Abilities Are Required?

The right team for a new application or platform depends on the technological stack already in use and the capabilities of the current staff. Outsourcing is ideal for specialized technology, as there are over 2000 programming languages. To hire an internal team, define the project scope and required capabilities, considering if the project is large enough to keep them occupied full-time. An internal tech leader should guide this process to ensure the project’s objectives are met, whether hiring an internal or outsourced team.

Whether you outsource software developers for hire or insource depends on various other criteria, including cost and how quickly the project needs to be finished.

  • When hiring for a set of talents that are already in line with other key competencies and will be required in the long run, insourcing is preferable.
  • When the necessary talents are non-core, outsourcing software developers are more cost-effective, and those skills aren’t long-term necessities for the organization; outsourcing is the best option (e.g., once the project is complete). Outsourcing software developers for hire can aid other essential procedures to become stronger. When you recruit software programmers to other businesses, your in-house developers are not overburdened with work beyond their area of expertise, freeing them up to concentrate more on strategic objectives.


The decision to outsource or insource when looking for software developers for hire depends on the fundamental nature of the operation, the cost, and the length of time it takes to recruit. Outsourcing may be a more cost-effective and time-efficient option for non-core roles such as software development projects with a clear start and conclusion date. At the same time, insourcing may be preferable for core roles essential to the firm’s operation. Ultimately, the decision should be based on each business’s specific needs and goals.

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