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We all would love to find talented software programmers for hire because they are rare individuals. However, it takes a lot of work to catch these people. You can only copy and paste a job description from Glassdoor and expect the most qualified applicants to apply nonstop.

You must make an effort to make your offer stand out from the numerous alternative options, just as potential employees spend hours trying to construct an excellent eye-catching résumé.

The dos and don’ts of drafting job descriptions for software programmers for hire will be covered in this article. What particulars must you bring up to attract prospects to you? Let’s dive in!

Ideal Job Description for a Software Developer Framework

Let’s begin with the fundamentals. How should your job description be written to draw potential software programmers for hire’s attention?

The following essential details need to be included in a quality job description:

  • Career title;
  • Employment status (e.g., full- or part-time);
  • Location
  • A brief description of the business (mission/vision);
  • Obligations of the job;
  • Must meet requirements;
  • Good to have credentials;
  • Perks;
  • Paycheck.

Both what you say and how you state it in your job description matter. Therefore, if you were to sum up the ideal job description in two terms, choose “clean” and “simple.” It should not be too long or too short to avoid overwhelming the person with the breadth of information about the position and the organization that is expected of them.

10 Tips to a Highly Effective Software Developer Job Descriptions

1. Make It Clear

If you want to hire software programmers, the formatting of your job description should be beautiful, professional, and readable. Nobody will read your job posting if it seems like a wall of plain text. No matter how skilled an HR person you are, it won’t matter.

Your job description should be about 200 words in length. With appropriate breaks, that would result in a few paragraphs.

Additionally, you can use bullet points to give it more structure. Still, it’s generally advised to keep lists to five items or less because the likelihood that the reader will read through a more significant list – decreases as it grows longer. Remove anything obvious or not necessary.

2. Use Precise Keyphrases

You must make your job posting appealing to software programmers for hire to get them to read it. And how can you get someone’s interest online? By utilizing the pertinent keywords. Make sure to employ clear formatting and wording that will appeal to the audience you are trying to reach.

Mind you, these are more than just those looking for work now. You should get someone’s attention which is open to leaving their current job for a better one.

Let’s say you need to fill a Senior Java Developer position. Try using descriptive language that explains what’s in it for THEM rather than stating, “Senior Java Developer required, 5+ years of experience, X, Y, and Z qualifications is a must.”

This phrase produces more results since it essentially “sells” the position to a candidate: “A fast developing inventive team is looking for an experienced Java Developer.” People are more motivated by reading it than by any material benefits since they can picture themselves in a different, better environment just by reading it.

3. Write in Standard English

It’s impossible to say when in the history of hiring it became cool and original to use terms like “guru,” “ninja,” “wizard,” “rockstar,” and so on in the job description. As of right now, one developer hiccups every time a company starts looking for an IT shark or digital virtuoso. We understand that people utilize this terminology to hire exceptional software programmers. But it doesn’t function.

Software programmers for hire who are conceited or send out their resumes to everyone without reading past the heading may be drawn in by this type of wording.

Therefore, it’s best to avoid using superlatives and excessive modifiers.

Also, remember that more detail could be needed to reduce the pool of software programmers for hire, particularly women. According to Sheryl Sandberg, most women will only apply for a job once they are completely qualified. Because they are unsure of what “motivated self-starter” implies, some people may not use it if you list it as a prerequisite.

4. Adjust Job Specifications to the Particular Project or Product

To expound on the preceding point, having too many conditions may prevent you from finding many qualified software programmers for hire. Try to limit the “must-have” and “nice to have” qualifications to four minimums and two to three maximums. These would be the recommended dosages. Essential items will only fit on the list if you reduce the number of alternatives, but if you lengthen the list, it will appear overwhelming.

5. Enlist the Aid of Other Developers

At that point; the criteria become complicated. How do you distinguish between what is essential and what is optional, irrelevant, or can be taught? Consult your group members! You can figure it out with the software engineers working on the same project. It only makes sense to involve them in this process as they will interact with the new employee.

6. What Is the Culture of Your Company?

Ensure you include a few sentences explaining what it is like to work at your company because cultural fit is just as crucial as having the appropriate qualifications for any software programmers for hire. Mention your organization’s vision, mission statement, unique selling proposition, and team members.

Because they spend so much time at work, software programmers for hire are sensitive to the atmosphere. Do you permit remote employment? Are your hours flexible? Do you spend time with your coworkers after work? It was presumably your intention to bring it up later once they had completed the recruitment process, but it will be okay to explain why (and whether) this position is worthwhile.

7. Make It Seem Critical

If you have enough time to identify the best applicant for the post when you hire software programmers, it will be good to incorporate some psychology into the process. Some software programmers for hire might be currently employed but secretly want to change jobs and are more likely to apply if the position is urgent. The impact of this simple method can be compared to that of a popular treat that is now on sale but will soon run out of stock.

8. Review Your Spelling

How would your opinion of the software programmers for hire change if you found a grammar mistake on their resume? The reverse is also true. A typo in the job description is one of the few things that can damage the company’s reputation in the eyes of prospective employees. Always, ideally twice, proofread your job description. Use tools for spell checking or have a coworker read it.

9. Eliminate Any Gender-Specific Terminology

Want to recruit a more diverse pool of software developers for hire? Then you should start by doing this. Gender-biased language can make people turn down any desirable position, even if they may not be aware of it. Don’t assume that the readers are either men or women to be on the safe side. The correct “he/she” method is “they.”

10. Record a Video

If you could only do one thing to convey, why not produce a video? It would be fantastic if your business had the time, means, and creative ability to make a brief video introducing the team and outlining who you seek. A charming and succinct one-minute video can convey more information about your company than a traditional job description. Make sure the software programmers for hire will pay attention to you.

Wrapping Up 

A crucial component of success is a carefully written job description. Use our advice to create a software development opportunity to entice top candidates to your company.

By the way, working with us could help you save a ton of time. At Recruit Ninjas, we acknowledge that talented programmers can emerge from anywhere and that remote work has provided a platform for exceptionally skilled individuals to showcase their abilities. We can quickly send you software developers with any level of experience and seniority. Just let us know what position needs to be filled.

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