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Hiring a Remote Web Developer? Here’s What You Should Know First

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Hiring a Remote Web Developer

Do you know what hiring remote developers have to offer? Do you realize how much time and effort it can help you save? There’s a good chance you already know this. And the reason why is that everyone is constantly talking about it!

Numerous other issues remain unresolved and unanswered. For example,

  • How much will hiring remote developers cost?
  • Will you ever have access to a trustworthy remote development team?
  • How does it operate, and how can a company examine it?

The list goes on and on!

Whether you’re looking to hire remote developers full-time or outsource some tasks, finding quality remote web developers can sometimes be tricky. If you’re considering hiring remote developers, read on for what you need to know before hiring one.

Most modern clients expect their contractors to work independently without much direct supervision. They also want a freelancer with experience in the same domain who can manage projects independently without constant input from management. That means you should prioritize candidates who are self-motivated, experienced in your particular field, and able to handle themselves effectively.

Today, let’s dive into what you need to consider when hiring remote developers.

Why Should SMBs Employ a Remote Development Team and Take Advantage of Offshoring?

According to a recent survey, 8 out of 10 SMBs intend to hire remote development teams. To work with experts and expand their businesses, 26% of business owners said they plan to go offshore.

Therefore, if you continue believing that you hire remote development teams solely for convenience, you are mistaken. In actuality, it is the service that your company needs the most to function.

SMBs are often discouraged from hiring remote developers for a variety of reasons. Like,

  • “It’s out of our price range, and we can’t afford it.”
  • “We are not big enough for that.”
  • “The ROI is not yet proven,”
  • It entails distributing our processes to those who are unfamiliar with our industry.

Are you prepared for a reality check, then? All concerns above, questions, and words are merely expressions of inexperience. Our experiences demonstrate that remote teams have too many advantages for SMBs to ignore. Here are a few benefits:

Constructs Defined Business Processes

SMBs typically lack defined processes, which can become a barrier. However, remote teams support businesses in streamlining their operations.

Greater Output

When given flexible working hours, 45% of the employees said it makes it easier to complete their jobs. Therefore, we can conclude that resources are, on average, more focused when they are allowed to select their preferred time. How does it apply in this case?

Most remote development companies prioritize giving both parties flexibility—more productivity.

Less Expensive Infrastructure

Putting together an internal team sounds appealing. However, it is also supported by a well-designed workspace, a convenient location, the cost of the hardware, etc. You can now appreciate the price!

Fortunately, SMBs have the choice to work with a remote team of developers to get everything they need without spending money on the items above.

How Much Do Remote Developers Cost to Hire?

The typical cost of hiring remote developers varies by nation. It depends on several variables, including the platform, the developer’s experience, skill set, the cost of living in the country, etc.

So how can someone determine how much it will cost them to hire remote developers? How will they decide whether it is something they can afford and is worthwhile if they don’t know the actual cost?

We still want you to clearly understand the average cost of hiring remote developers, even though it is practically impossible to do so. Therefore, we will list the regions with the highest to lowest fees.

1. United States of America

In comparison to other countries, the United States of America has the highest average cost to hire remote software developers in 2021.

2. Europe

One of the hotspots for hiring remote developers in Europe. The value of I.T. exports in 2019 was close to $13 billion. Additionally, the area saw a 20–25% increase in revenue.

Employing remote developers from Eastern Europe has benefited people.

And this region takes the number two position on the list. This indicates that hiring a developer is more expensive here than in the U.S.

3. Asia

One of the regions where tech giants favor hiring remote teams is Asia. Naturally, the low price is the cause. And according to 2021, it is less expensive to hire a remote development team in Asia than it is in the U.S. or Europe.

We are aware that you want to learn more about India! Yes, we will only discuss it in this conversation. You’ll discover in a moment that India is not only a nation on the continent with the lowest developer rate but also one of Asia’s top destinations for software outsourcing. Every year more than 100,000 IT specialists graduate from the country’s universities. In fact, according to a 2019 report, India has the second-highest number of graduates worldwide. This means that India will never run out of resources.

The most anticipated response is finally here: hiring remote developers in India can be done for as little as $30 per hour.

It’s crucial to remember that low cost doesn’t always equate to low quality. A survey revealed that in 2019, Indian software development firms were praised for providing the most affordable and result-driven solutions.

What about a quirky fact? Did you know that some of India’s most well-known and significant U.S. businesses are offshore? They are, too.

  • Motor Company Ford
  • Cisco
  • American Airlines
  • broader electronics
  • Microsoft

4. Africa

Recent data show that Africa has the lowest average hourly rate among the other continents for hiring remote developers.

How Do I Find and Employ Remote Developers?

You do not need to change your mindset to hire a remote team. Just remember that you are ultimately hiring for success. You can avoid any pitfalls in your search for employment by setting up a solid foundation and doing some research (including reading this blog).

Here are three steps for hiring remote workers.

1. Explain Why You Need to Hire People Remotely

Setting up your policies is the first thing to do. Choose whether your team will work partially or entirely remotely. Determine how many and for how long you will need to hire remote developers. This will help you get a clear picture and reduce your list of options.

2. Choose a Time Zone That Is Appropriate for You

When selecting a remote team, a time zone is essential. Perhaps you should collaborate with someone who lives closer to your time zone. The good news is that you can always set up a procedure and use the tools that make asynchronous collaboration easier.

3. Always Select a Trustworthy Partner

With a trustworthy partner, hiring remote developers will be 100 times easier. All you have to do is look for a company with the knowledge and experience you’re looking for.

Suppose you want to find your team in India, as well. India is an excellent place to establish an offshore development firm. We have developed our concepts and created a comprehensive manual that will be useful.

Are the Remote Developers I Hired Legitimate?

Challenges and potential frauds accompany solutions and opportunities. You risk having your hard-earned money stolen or scammed by others. As a result, it is crucial to confirm the legitimacy of your remote developers.

Fortunately, we have the Internet’s power, which provides several ways to verify your team’s legitimacy.

We cannot emphasize enough how necessary background checks are. You can always double-check the information by checking out the organization’s online presence. Look at their profiles on LinkedIn, social media, and other platforms.

Finding a company to meet your offshoring needs is not that difficult. The query is: What if there is a “black sheep” in the organization?

That has a perfect chance of happening. In this situation, you can always examine the hiring procedure of the company you are working with.

For instance, we ensure that only the best candidates are hired as developers at Recruit Ninjas. This enables us to select the top talent from the group. To protect the security of your code, you can also request that the company sign an NDA.

When you hire a remote team of developers, the following advice will help you assess the situation’s veracity:

  • Steer clear of cheap shoring. Consider it a warning sign and steer clear of working with a company that offers services at absurdly low costs.
  • There is a chance the organization is not legitimate if it does not provide the necessary specifications and documentation.
  • It is not a good sign if they are hesitant to provide code or code documents.
  • Monitoring the accuracy of time and cost calculations is another thing to consider. You stand a good chance of becoming the target of the biggest scam in this region.

How Are Remote Developers Managed?

91% of respondents say working remotely is more productive than doing so in an office setting. “From 2005 to 2017, the number of people working remotely increased by 159%. By 2028, 73% of people will be working remotely.

85% of businesses acknowledged that having remote and flexible work arrangements increased their 

revenue. These figures already demonstrate that people manage remote teams and find it a positive experience.However, if you’re still looking for advice, here are our suggestions:

Share Your Vision and Company Culture with the Remote Team

Communicating your vision and corporate culture to your remote team is the only way to succeed. Draw a picture for them of the results you hope to achieve with this project. They will have a clear direction from this, guiding them in wise decisions.

Maintain Open Lines of Communication

The more you share, the more you’ll advance. The only way to avoid under-communication, which poses a serious threat, is through overcommunication.

Ensure you regularly connect with your remote team on Zoom, Skype, and Hangouts. This will keep them informed and concentrated.

Don’t Micromanage

Although managing a remote team can be taxing, micromanagement can leave both sides feeling let down. Trusting your team and empowering them by demonstrating your belief in them is the only way to prevent this.


Hiring remote developers will be a complicated process. However, it might be a piece of cake if you do your homework and plan ahead. The good news in this situation is that you can always choose to hire remote development teams because it is a more dependable option. Additionally, a few businesses like ours employ the top 5% of developers to work flawlessly and brilliantly.

Hiring remote developers from a respectable company, on the other hand, can eliminate the time-consuming and exhausting process. Recruit Ninjas can assist you in hiring remote developers, coders, and engineers who can make your vision a reality. Contact us today to know more!

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